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Why You May Be Excused For Not Including Your Teenager On Your Auto Insurance Policy

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All members of your household should be on your auto insurance policy, with only a few exceptions. For example, you may be excused from not including your teenager in your policy if: The Child Only Has a Learner’s Permit Depending on your car insurance company’s laws and regulations, you may not be required to list your teenage child on your policy if the child only has a learner’s permit and not a full driving license. Read More»

Things That Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates That You Didn't Know About

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Many drivers do not understand why auto insurance rates rise. You start out paying one rate, but end up paying a higher rate by the time of your policy renewal. It is common to think that your deductible and coverage are the only things that affect the cost of car insurance. However, your insurance rate is affected by a variety of things. It helps to know these things so you know what to do to lower your expenses. Read More»