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Three Types Of Accidents That Can Affect Commercial Vehicles

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If you utilize one or more vehicles to transport people or goods as part of your business, you need business auto insurance. When deciding which policy to invest in, it's worth considering the types of damage your vehicles are likely to face. Choosing the cheapest insurance policy is seldom the wisest option. Here are three common types of accidents that can affect commercial vehicles:

1. Collision Damage

Commercial vehicles can be involved in a collision as easily as personal vehicles. Employees are not infallible; all it takes is one moment of inattention for an accident to occur. Business auto insurance is especially important if your employee was at fault for the accident.

Business insurance provides liability coverage that will protect you and your company from a lawsuit. If your employee was not at fault, collision coverage will help you pay for the damages even if the other driver was not properly insured.

2. Severe Weather Damage

The weather can damage your company vehicles if it's severe enough. High winds can pick up tree branches and other debris, possibly causing these items to collide with your car. Hail can dent cars and crack windshields, and flooding can damage your engine.

Fortunately, comprehensive auto insurance will provide coverage even if your vehicle was damaged by an act of God. Business owners who operate out of an area with frequent storms should make sure to purchase comprehensive auto insurance.

3. Driver Injury

Business auto insurance provides enhanced bodily injury liability protection. If your employee was at fault for a collision, your bodily injury liability insurance will pay for the other injured driver's medical bills. However, the driver of your company vehicle may be injured in a collision. As their employer, you can be held liable for any injury sustained while they were performing work for your company. 

Business insurance will also pay for your employees' medical bills and protect you from liability. Make sure you choose a plan with sufficiently high bodily injury coverage to provide you with peace of mind.

No matter how carefully you select and train your employees, auto accidents are always a possibility. Some accidents may be caused by human error and others may be considered acts of God. You need a business auto insurance policy that protects you, your company, and your vehicles from all types of damage. Find an insurance agent who can help you select the best plan. Thorough comprehensive coverage can save you from catastrophic debt due to unforeseeable circumstances.

For more information on different kinds of business insurance, reach out to an insurance agent near you.