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2 Benefits Of Having Your Teens Complete Driver's Education

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If your teen is approaching the age where he or she will be able to drive, you might want to consider enrolling the child in a driver's education program. This will most likely cost between $200 to $800, but it will be worthwhile in the long run. These programs are designed to teach teens a variety of different useful skills needed for driving, and here are two main benefits you may experience as a parent by enrolling your child in driver's ed.

Peace Of Mind

While it's probably not possible for parents of teens that are just starting to drive to feel completely peaceful about this, knowing that your child has been trained well to drive might help you have more peace of mind than you would without your child taking this course. During driver's education, your teen will learn the following things:

  • How to drive a car – If you are too nervous to let your child get behind the wheel of your car, how will he or she ever learn how to actually drive a vehicle? Driver's education is an excellent option for this, because a professional driving instructor will do all the teaching for you. Your child will learn exactly how to start a car, use the gears, park the car, accelerate, and so much more. This type of course is designed to teach inexperienced people how to drive.
  • To be defensive when driving – Millions of people share the roads in this country and learning how to drive defensively is vital because of this. Defensive driving habits teach teens what to watch for while driving and how to avoid accidents.
  • To understand laws and rules of driving – This course will also educate your child on what traffic laws and rules are. Your child will learn how to read road signs and how to understand normal parts of driving, such as yielding and understanding how four-way stops work.

When your child successfully completes this course, he or she will be prepared to drive on the roads in a car all alone. This will hopefully give you a sense of peace.

Auto Insurance Savings

In addition to having more peace about your child driving, it's also important for you to understand that choosing to send your child through a driver's education program may help you save money on your auto insurance. Saving money on auto insurance is something many parents are interested in, because insuring a teen driver can be expensive. When a teen completes driver's ed, an insurance company might be willing to offer a discount of 5% to 10% or more.

The reason this occurs is from statistical information insurance companies use when calculating rates. According to statistical information, teen drivers who complete driver's education are less likely to perform risky moves while driving. This means they might be less likely to speed, run through yellow stop lights, or accelerate overly fast. The end result of this is fewer accidents and traffic violations, and this is why insurance companies reward teens who complete driver's ed. Knowing this information might also help you, as a parent, feel more confident with your child driving.

You should also understand that your auto insurance company may have other discounts that could be applied to your teen's insurance policy. For example, a lot of insurance companies offer discounts for drivers with good grades.

If you would like to learn more about the costs of insuring your teen driver or the discounts that are available for your policy, contact a company that offers auto insurance services today to request a quote to insure your teenager.