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How To Fast Track A Car Insurance Claim

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It is every driver's wish to get their auto insurance claim paid out as fast as possible. However, many people don't know that this is as much down to them as it is to the insurance company. Here are some of the things you can do to hasten your claim settlement:

Consult the Insurance Company As Soon As Possible

There are two main reasons why you should contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible if you want a speedy claim process. First, your claim process doesn't start until after you have notified the insurance company and submitted an official claim. Secondly, your insurance company may doubt your claim and even suspect you of insurance fraud if you delay too much. This means it may waste some investigating your accident instead of processing your claim.

Follow the Claim Procedure to the Letter

Your insurance company most likely has a laid down process that it requires all clients with claims to follow. It is your responsibility to find out what this process is by reading your policy, consulting an agent or contacting the carrier directly. Make sure you follow the claim process to the letter to eliminate the risks of hiccups.

Be Forthcoming With the Required Information

It's possible that the insurance adjuster may contact you with one or more requests for information or documents. It's your duty to be forthcoming with this information; this also means that you should be reachable at all times. Most insurance companies have no reason to delay your claim once you have provided them with the required information.

Provide Evidence for Your Claims

Anything that makes the insurance company doubt your claim will prolong the claim process because they have to investigate and confirm; you can't expect them to issue payouts in such cases blindly. For example, if you are claiming that your car was damaged in a flood whereas the flooding in your area was only ankle deep, you should ensure that you have the evidence for the claim. Otherwise, the insurer will suspect that your car was damaged elsewhere and you are hiding the fact.

Embrace Technology

Many insurance companies are embracing technology by developing mobile applications, which they issue free, for handling most of the claim process. Do your part by embracing the same technology if your carrier of choice has a comparable one. Most of these apps can be used to submit information and minimize the back-and-forth communications that typically have to occur between drivers and insurance adjusters during a claim process.