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3 Things To Know About Auto Insurance For Seniors

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If you recently retired and are over the age of 60 or 70, you probably fall into the category of a senior citizen. When this point in your life occurs, you may find that there are some perks to being a senior, and there may also be some downsides to it. If you are in need of auto insurance, being a senior can offer good things and bad, and here are several things to know.

Seniors often fall into the high-risk category

With car insurance, there are different categories of risk, and seniors often fall in the high-risk category. In most cases, the rates seniors pay will automatically go up once they reach the age of 60. This occurs because seniors over 60 have a higher chance of filing a claim due to an accident they caused. This is based on statistical information insurance companies gather and evaluate.

Seniors often qualify for discounts

One of the positive notes you might experience now though is discounts on your auto insurance that you may never have had in the past. One of the top ones might be a low-mileage discount. If you stop working and are now retired, there is a good chance you might not drive as much as you used to when you were commuting to work. If this is the case, you could take advantage of some savings by utilizing the low-mileage discount. There might be other types of discounts available for you now that you are retired too, but you will need to talk to an insurance agent about this.

Seniors could get discounts by taking defensive driving

The other thing that could benefit you is taking a defensive driving course. Taking a course like this will teach you strategies for driving and may actually help you avoid accidents and become a safer driver. Because of this, insurance companies are often willing to offer discounts to seniors if they complete a course like this. The nice part is that you can take these courses online, which means you will not have to leave your house to attend class, and you will be able to do the coursework whenever it works into your schedule.

If you recently retired and need auto insurance, you should contact a car insurance agent at a company like Veronica's Auto Insurance to find out how much it would cost for a policy and the discounts available for you. Call today to learn more.