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3 Things To Know About Auto Insurance For Seniors

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If you recently retired and are over the age of 60 or 70, you probably fall into the category of a senior citizen. When this point in your life occurs, you may find that there are some perks to being a senior, and there may also be some downsides to it. If you are in need of auto insurance, being a senior can offer good things and bad, and here are several things to know. Read More»

How To Fast Track A Car Insurance Claim

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It is every driver’s wish to get their auto insurance claim paid out as fast as possible. However, many people don’t know that this is as much down to them as it is to the insurance company. Here are some of the things you can do to hasten your claim settlement: Consult the Insurance Company As Soon As Possible There are two main reasons why you should contact your insurance carrier as soon as possible if you want a speedy claim process. Read More»